Time Attendance

Managing your workforce in an efficient, fast and smart way can significantly improve your business in terms of profit and productivity. Major Capabilities of Time and Attendance System include Attendance management, Time Management and leave management. Organizations cannot afford to require manual process between time reported and compensation. Rather, employee requests for leave or vacation time must be handled through accordance with policies of eligibility.

 Supports multiple companies of one organization in one location
 Supports to capture data from multiple input units installed for one Company
 Centralized database
 Company Rules, Time Management Parameters can be set easily
 Easy management to handle Employee, Department, Shift Master, Multiple Shift Support
 Leave Management support.
 Number of Reports Available through Software:- Daily Attendance, Statistics, Attendance, Staff on Duty, Department Attendance Reports etc.
 Data available in excel format for further calculation
 Supports multiple technologies – Smart Card , Biometrics , RFID
 Make time tracking easier - easily and efficiently track your employee time.
 Better manage your employees - Manage your time and attendance data and employee profiles.
 Improve your bottom line - Eliminate buddy punching and time theft.
 Handles any work environment - Track employee time from home, the worksite, multiple locations, and more.
 Make scheduling a breeze - Allow supervisors to quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees.

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Key Features

 Attendance Views (Day, Work Week, Week, Month, Year views)
 Automated Overtime Calculation
 Automated Late-In/Early-Out Calculation
 Grace Periods for Work Start/End Times
 Attendance Data Re-processing
 User defined Attendance Types
 Real-time and Editable Attendance
 Overtime Management
 User-defined Leave Types
 Late-In, Early-Out Reports
 Overtime Reports
 Sickness Reports
 Actual & Planned Work time Reports
 Daily/Monthly/Yearly Attendance Reports
 Modification History for attendance data (Who changed what and when?)


 Improving service levels and customer service through providing real-time alerting for unplanned absence
 Minimizing (or in some cases even eliminating) overtime, identifying opportunities to increase labor utilization
 Reducing absence
 Recording an accurate source of labor costs
 Highlighting potential labor budget overspends before they occur
 Reducing corporate risk through compliance to employment law.
 Personnel contracts, union agreements and legislative requirements e.g. the Working Time Directive.




 Minimize Human Errors
 Infallible Check and Balance
 Improved Organizational Efficiency and Productivity

 Value Addition to the Businesses
 Less Disgruntled Employees
 Efficient Payroll Processing