Ticket Management Software

Most companies have a ticket system that allows employees to report various issues within the company premises. If there are Problems or Issues in different locations (ground locations, sites, departments) of a Company, the employee in the particular location have an access to raise a ticket regarding the issue to the concerned department or directly to the help desk of the Company.
In most of the ticket management software’s available in the market, the ticket are sent through email, where there is no way to make sure that tickets are read by the right person or to check or track whether the problem has been fixed and it can be difficult to manage this pool. It is important that Company have a central point of reference to manage all the incoming tickets effectively. In some cases even if the problem is fixed, nobody knows the person who reported the issue has received any information about the fix, which can be confusing to customers and employees.

Ticket management

How is our Software Different from others?

Our Ticket Management Software enables you to handle all your incoming tickets convenient and timely. Employees in the company send the issues in form of tickets which are sent to direct concerned departments in the company and can access them from any location of the company. You can Track Unassigned tickets, Overdue tickets, Closed and Escalated tickets easily and favorable. You can also arrange Service-Level agreements to ensure that all incoming tickets are resolved within the Allotted Time Limit. Our ticket Management system, is specifically designed by our engineers to organized various issues as they are reported and keeps track of all fixes made, acting also as an Issue Tracking System.


Advantages of Implementing Ticket Management Software

 Manually Add Tickets
 View Details about tickets or specific ticket
 Assign tickets to particular department
 Reply to tickets
 Edit, Merge, Delete, Close Ticket
 Raise old unresolved Ticket to New ticket
 Sort tickets based on Priority
 Check the working status of tickets
 Check the Time Spent on the Ticket

 View record count
 Look for a specific ticket
 Import tickets and Export Tickets
 Add comments about specific tickets
 View recently received tickets and recent history of a specific ticket
 Employee Contact Info Display
 Submit tickets for Approval
 Look up the account names for specific contacts in the Add Ticket form
 Add Additional Comments in the particular Ticket