Boom Barriers

Interactive Data Systems Limited offers a wide range of models in automatic Boom Barriers which are reliable and maintenance free. Models are available for boom length up to 8 m to suit various applications like car parking sites, condominiums, toll collection & industrial entrances. It is highly compact in size with extremely silent operation.

The soft edges, rounded corners and high performance of the Boom Barriers offered by IDSL are suitable for any type of installation environment. The sturdy steel structure comes with scratch – proof coating which can resist harsh weather conditions. The wide range of lengths and accessories available ensure that all installation requirements are met. All models are equipped with a provision of manual operation in the event of power failure and battery back-up facility in selected models.

 Boom Barriers are available in wide range of models to suit various applications like car parking sites, condominiums, toll collection & Industrial entrance.
 Available for boom length up to 8 m.
 Highly compact in size has extremely silent operation.
 Sturdy steel structure with scratch-proof coating resistant to harsh weather conditions.
 Integration possible with wide range of accessories and all kinds of access control systems.
 Extremely reliable and maintenance free.
 Tested and distributed all over the world.
 Manual release in case of power failure. Battery backup facility in select models of boom barriers.

Totally Flexible

The IDSL range is equipped with electronic declaration at opening and closing. A version with articulated barrier for low ceilings is available on request. The IDSL barrier is designed to accommodate use of optional items such as the limit-switch kit and anti-vandal value.

Precise Stopping

Perfectly calibrated stopping, thanks to the adjustable electronic brake that shows down closing and opening movement. A thermal probe detects temperature and activates a cooling fan.

Hydraulic Technology

With the no gear transmission system you can reach high levels of silence, reliability, long life and hassle free maintenance.

Wide Range

 The Economic solution - entry level barrier.
 Top Performance upto 7 mtrs / duty cycle 100%.
 For faster operations - opening closing time 2.0 - 0.8 sec./duty cycle 100%.

Anti Crush Safety

 Hydraulics (by-pass valve) very accurate and low acting threshold.

Resistance - Higher Life

 3 mm steel sheet body with cataphoresis treatment, cathode electroplating polyester painted UV resistant.
 The transmission motion to the beam is made by a balance spring and NIPLOY transmission shaft incorporated in a double bearing.
 The balance spring is submitted to a shot-penning treatment to increase resistance to stress.