Solar Fencing System

The Solar Electric Fence system is a modern day alternative to conventional methods of fencing to protect your property and crops. The Solar Powered Fence works on Solar Energy with backup facility to run uninterruptedly during the nights as well as cloudy days. The system consists of two segments, one is the Electronic Unit and the other is the Fence. It is a Non-Lethal Solar Powered Perimeter Security System and operates as Psychological and Physical Barrier. The System alerts any kind of intrusion through an audio alarm system that can be in the vicinity of more than 500 meters, within a second. The Security Fence System will produce a high voltage at desired energy output, which will act as an active deterrent, a physical barrier and a reliable detection system.

The Solar Electric Fence is highly re-commended for

 Aquaculture and Horticulture
 Residential Townships
 Industries and Go downs
 Other sectors

Each Solar Fencing System Contains

Solar (SPV) module
Fence Alarm
Joint Clamps
Wire Tightness
Cable Wire
Fence Wire

Advantages of Solar Electric Fence

 Fence posts are erected 6 - 8 mts apart depending upon the terrain.
 Only plain High tensile (Strong) wire is used.
 A long life as the fence is not subjected to physical pressures of wear and tear.
 It is the most effective method of fencing, and is safe to all kinds of animals and to human beings.
 It is long lasting and can be modified, extended, shifted and re-erected from one place to another, without loss of materials and waste of labor.
 This is the only method of fencing, which can effectively keep intruders out.

Reduces Recurring Expenditure on Security

 Each pulse travels all along the fence 45 times/ minute.
 Instant punishment to the intruders.
 Gates can be supported with Solar barrier.
 60-75% cut in your security bills.
 Nullifies thefts
 35% savings in compound wall cost
 Can be customized
 Serves the purpose of protection
 No tress passing