Payroll Software

Our HR Payroll Systems has the right solution for HR Professionals! HR Payroll Software can offer the solutions you need. Be it a small business with simple needs and a few employees or a large, complex business with the need for flexible code calculations and deep functionality, our Payroll software fits perfectly. It needs to be accurate and you need it done fast. HR Payroll Software gives you the solution that you need. HR Payroll Systems was created to assist HR Professionals with the identification, evaluation and selection of an HR payroll software solution. We help small, medium and enterprise businesses meet their current and future business needs. Whether you’re looking to automate a manual process or replace vendors, we are here to help you identify HR payroll software solutions that will fit best for your organizational needs.

Why is Payroll Software best for Your Business?

Moreover today’s payroll processing has become messy and chaotic, due to various statutory and MIS requirements coupled with changing HR policies, slabs and formulas time to time. To ease the work of HR personnel from that pile of papers related to salary processing, statutory returns filing etc., a company must have an Automated Payroll system. An automated payroll system helps HR department in company to comply with the salary processing in time as well as statutory obligations. Our Automated Payroll Software helps your businesses with unique features such as

 Multiple salary structure management.
 To control High attrition rate.
 Different salary calculation methods.
 Consolidation of reports (Employee grade wise, department wise, structure wise, company wise etc.) becomes easy task.
 Complete end to end employee accounting is possible even if employee size is more in the company.

payroll benefits

Key Features

 Efficient salary processing.
 Unlimited number of earnings, benefits, deductions, accruals, Overtime Banking, Bonuses and Advances and payroll taxes.
 Client Server architecture.
 Multiple backend support.
 Job Costing functionality.
 Automatic Cost Allocation.
 Accurate and timely payroll generation.
 Burden and Overhead Calculations.
 Pension Calculations and Pension Payroll.
 Supports multiple payroll frequencies.

 Powerful MIS reporting tool.
 Exports all reports to different file formats including Excel and PDF.
 Interfaces with many ERP/Accounting for General Leger and Job costing.
 Time clock interfaces.
 Intuitive reporting capabilities including General Ledger Report, Employee History, Year to Date and many more.
 Unlimited payroll history.
 Backup and restore.
 Allows mass changes to employee profile, payroll template, etc.
 Seamless integration with our Time Attendance software for attendance and leave data.


Benefits of Implementing HR Payroll Software

 Time spent on tasks for processing salaries, manual and paper work can be cut down to a maximum extent.
 No Delays as the salary processing is timely and accurate.
 Generation of various reports for internal circulation and provision of filing the annual e-Return of various status viz. PF, ESI, PT are included.
 Track and Review of employee’s absence and salary calculation as per the attendance is no more complicated.
 Government tax and slab rates included by default thus providing the salary processing and other deductions meet statutory obligations too.
 Standing instructions, Calculations, Incentive details, Additional earnings & deductions.
 Customization is done to fit the user’s specific requirements.
 Importing and Exporting into Excel format making the data entry easy.
 Periodic back up and restoring including optional reminders.