Electronic Bills

Financial activities in the banking, billing and payment sectors have shifted from paper to digital. E-billing systems helps the recurring e-bill and payment process from a paper-based format to an electronic format. Utility companies can use these systems to transfer bill from various locations of a company. E-bills software accelerate your transition from paper to digital, collect payments faster and give you the cross-channel visibility and capabilities you need to more efficiently manage in your business.

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How e-Bills Process is Beneficiary to your Business

In the current system, paper documents are exchanged among participants while E-billing systems works by eliminating the paper work and transfer the information stored electronically. In addition, by maintaining information in electronic form throughout the cycle, the electronic billing information can replace the physical transportation of paper documents. Our E-billing Software helps you meet these expectations with the freedom to focus on your core business objectives. We provide insight and analysis on the latest consumer and payment trends. Our expertise can help you provide your organization with proven digital bill presentment and payment solutions that are intelligent, intuitive and interactive.

Enjoy Numerous Benefits with our e-billing Software

Simple –With e-billing

you can pay your bills through in just a few steps – it’s quite self-explanatory.


Ease your workload and/or that of your accounts department by paying your bill at the touch of a button: with e-billing, all the relevant information is already stored in your e-banking service. That means you will never have to type in a reference number again, saving you time and avoiding typing errors.


Maximum security is guaranteed: Swiss com e-billing meets the highest security standards. Banks and Post finance use the most secure e-banking systems around. As a customer, you will benefit from the highest possible security level.

Flexible –With e-billing

you can access all the relevant information anytime, anywhere through your e-banking service, whether on your PC/Mac, laptop, tablet or smart phone.


As the icing on the cake, e-billing is not only time-saving and convenient, it is also good for the environment.