Gate Management System

The Gate Management Software is a leading technology used in managing access to gated communities and gated offices. The Gate Management System (GMS) is a complete system, which can manage, control and monitor an entire vehicle gate logs and all related equipment. It is designed to continue to operate even when network connectivity is lost so that residents and visitors are never inconvenienced with long lines and compromised security.

The simple and organized design of the administrative workstation allows administrators to efficiently control the database. The user-friendly gate attendant workstation helps streamline visitor tracking and resident gate access by accurately and efficiently processing requests and maintaining operational effectiveness of gated community security personnel. You’re Company Officials and residents will have peace-of-mind that their information is secure and being utilized to proactively manage guest access.

Asset management

Our Gate Management System is highly recommended for urban access, Business parks, Gated -communities, residential areas, Hotels.

Local and Remote monitoring is possible by

1. Visitor Control
2. Access Control
3. Vehicle Control
4. Security monitoring

Key Features of Gate Management System

 Gate Management Software is an ultimate use for Automatic Gate Pass System.
 System is simple to use & no supervisor is required
 Visitor can simply enter the visiting card & gate pass can be made automatically by using simple touch-screen operation.
 While scanning the card the photo of the visitor is also maintained & printed on gate pass.
 Visitor can also type the data on touch screen if required.
 The unique feature of this software is that it can record both the entry & the exit of any visitor in the premise.
 This enables you to close loop the entry exit system.
 The data of the visitors can be easily maintained & accessed at a later date.


This Software is being integrated with the following products

 Boom Barriers/Flap Barriers
 UVSS (Under vehicle surveillance systems)
 ALPR Cameras(Automatic number plate recognition )


Benefits of GMS

 Control and Monitoring – Vehicles cannot advance until all required data is entered, ensuring all vehicles are properly logged and accounted for.
 Detailed log – An extensive event log registers all vehicle passages and provides information regarding the status of the gate.
 Improved Process Times – More effective processing reduces delays and traffic buildup especially at peak periods.
 Reporting Made Easy – The central processing computer stores relayed data that can be filtered for customized reporting capabilities.
 Effective Management and Oversight – Gate Management Software generates an accurate record logs for all vehicles
 Enhanced Communication – The system centralizes all data and notification information for easy access and pass-along capabilities - no more notes posted that officers may or may not see.
 Easy integration – The Gate management Software allows for easy integration into existing management applications.
 Easy upgrade – Upgrade of new or customer specific policies can easily be implemented by means of software, without change of hardware.